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affiliate marketing - best affiliate program for beginners

  Affiliate Marketing - Best Affiliate Program for Beginners

Affiliate Program for Beginners

If you ask me, what is the best way to make money online? I would say affiliate marketing is the best way to make money online.

Why? Since you don't have to spend tons of hours creating a product yourself, you don't even have to deal with invoicing, sales, transit, customer service, and more. complex. But how do you get started with affiliate marketing as a beginner? 

This is something to come in this article. In this article, you will learn how to start affiliate marketing step by step the right way. I will also share a little secret that would help you get your first affiliate sale without wasting time.

 And if you keep reading this article until the end, you will also discover some common mistakes made by newbies to affiliate marketing. And this is especially important because I don't want you to waste time on old-fashioned strategies that no longer work. Good! Now, without wasting any more time, let's get started!

When I first started affiliate marketing I was like: Affiliate marketing is for the sellers or the scammers out there. But when I learned that almost all brands like Amazon, Walmart, etc. had their affiliate programs, I changed my mind. Because these trustworthy brands cannot be scammers. 

So I started affiliate marketing very late. It's because I didn't have the proper knowledge or beliefs. And so do many newbies to affiliate marketing. If you are a complete newbie you might also be thinking that making money online is a scam, affiliate marketing doesn't work for me, it isn't for me, and excuses like that. .

So first you need to know what affiliate marketing is. Affiliate marketing essentially sells other products to earn a commission. You recommend a product to someone and when people buy the product using your special tracking URL, you earn a commission. But it's not limited to that. 

Think of it this way, product owners are desperate for sales or customers. And people are looking for tools, products, or services that can meet their needs. When you recommend a suitable product to them, not only will product owners thank you for bringing in new sales, but also customers who will discover a useful product just because you recommended it. 

Thus, you are essentially responding to requests from two groups of people: 1) the product owner and 2) the customers. But you know what? Most people are doing affiliate marketing in the wrong way. They think affiliate marketing is just a tool to make money online. 

They don't offer any value, and that's the reason they have a hard time getting an affiliate sale. And when they don't see any success with affiliate marketing, they start to see it as a scam.

So the keyword here is Value. When you start to provide value to people by educating them and helping them solve their problems, you will never have to fight for affiliate sales. And that's the little secret I promised earlier to help you get your first affiliate sale. 

Now, let's go deeper, let's talk about the process of getting started with affiliate marketing! In order to start affiliate marketing as a beginner, the first step is: Choose an affiliate niche that is not only profitable but also something that you are passionate about. 

But when it comes to choosing a profitable niche for affiliate marketing, most people would do a simple Google search for terms like top profitable affiliate products, highest paying affiliate programs, high priced affiliates, etc. But this is not the right way, because if you choose something that is very profitable but is not passionate about it, you will find it very difficult to create content about it consistently. 

And even if you are able to create for a while, you will soon lose interest and stop working. Keep in mind that affiliate marketing or any other way to make money online takes time. 

Affiliate marketing is not a get rich quick scheme and you won't see success overnight. You will also need to work hard and be patient. Choosing an affiliate niche that you are passionate about is, therefore, the only way to be successful in affiliate marketing.

The second step is to choose highly profitable affiliate products to promote. Now don't get me wrong here when I say very profitable, I mean really very profitable, and not something like Amazon where you get a very low percentage commission. 

I want you to think big. I myself promote affiliate products that earn me up to 50% to 70% or even 100% affiliate commissions. And some of them even pay me a recurring commission, which means I refer people once and get the same amount every month for years. 

This is how you create passive income online. Once you have decided which highly profitable affiliate programs you want to promote, it's time to sign up for affiliate programs and enter your affiliate tracking URL which you would set in your sales funnel to get results. affiliate sales on autopilot. More information on this in the next step to starting an affiliate business.

Good! And now we are on the subject of the audience, which brings me to step number 3 in starting a successful affiliate marketing business for beginners which is all about building an audience. 

Because once you've set up the technical part of your affiliate sales generation process, it's time to build an audience. Your audience would be the people who would be interested in learning from you, buying the products you're promoting, and even helping you achieve your goals. 

So how would you build an audience in order to achieve amazing results in affiliate marketing? Well, there are two ways to build an audience on the internet - whatever niche you are interested in. 

1) are paid methods and 2) are free or organic methods. If you have the money to invest, go for paid methods like Google ads, Facebook ads, Bing ads, etc. But keep in mind that you will need to learn paid marketing first, otherwise you will end up wasting your money on paid advertising without getting good results. 

And the second method for building a successful affiliate marketing audience is Free or organic methods like blog or website, search engine marketing, social media promotion, video marketing, and many others. 

If you are a newbie who is starting out with affiliate marketing, I would recommend the free, organic method of building your audience. Because 1) it's free and costs nothing and 2) you learn many crucial lessons that will help you survive longer in online business. 

You can take advantage of the various forms of free marketing available to build your audience from scratch. For example, you can create a website or blog to take advantage of textual content marketing or create a YouTube channel to take advantage of video marketing. 

And even you can start a podcast show to take advantage of the audible form of marketing. And that's a pretty hot trend right now. Well, more on that in another post, but for now let's demystify each of the options you have and which traffic method is best for you. 

Let's start with social media platforms because that's the easiest way to start right now. You might already have a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. and you can use your social presence to promote affiliate products in order to earn money online. 

Next to social media platforms, the next traffic method for you would be: building a blog audience. These days you can start a blog or a website very easily, and you don't even need any technical or coding skills.

Once you have created a blog, you can write and publish blog posts related to the affiliate products you are promoting and you will soon be able to create a highly targeted blog audience who would be eager to buy from. you.

 And the best thing is: unlike social media where you rely on social algorithms, a blog or website is a long term thing where you don't have to rely on other businesses. Once you've created a successful blog, it becomes your permanent sales funnel. 

The next option you have is: Create visual content for YouTube and create an audience on YouTube. Although it comes with a downside, you have to put more effort into video creation and need video hardware and equipment. 

But hey, who doesn't have a good camera phone these days? The best camera is the one you have in your pocket, and you already have an amazing camera on your smartphone. So use all you have and start creating videos for YouTube. 

Because the competition on YouTube is still very low and even though you won't get a lot of views, at first you will be able to grow your channel soon. And then the magic begins to happen. Do the hard work in the beginning and then get affiliate sales on autopilot. 

This means that you will continue to get views, subscribers, clicks, sales, and commissions, even if you don't create content for several weeks or even months. If you've ever heard the term “make money while sleeping”, this is what they mean when they say it. 

Another way to create a targeted audience for affiliate marketing is as follows: using the audible form of marketing, and starting a podcast show is very easy these days. And unlike videos, you don't even have to show your face in podcasting. 

Podcasts are the new trends and the competition is very low. Within days of starting my podcast show, I was able to rank for very competitive terms like “learn digital marketing” on iTunes. But wait, I'll be honest here, unlike previous traffic methods, a podcast show is something that I recently started and haven't built an audience myself yet. 

But yes, I know a lot of people who run a successful million-dollar affiliate business using podcast audience only. This is how you build an audience for affiliate marketing using different traffic methods. 

But what is the best method of traffic for you that would be the most suitable for promoting your affiliate offer? The short, sweet answer is: whatever is in your strength. For example, if you are good at writing and I suggest you start creating videos, you will have a hard time creating content consistently. 

So, pick one of those traffic methods that you like the most and keep doing what you do best. And, soon, you will be able to build an audience in your targeted affiliate niche. So there you have it. You have selected your very profitable affiliate niche, you have chosen very profitable affiliate products to promote, you have learned how to build an audience for your targeted affiliate niche. 

Now is the time to start your affiliate sales machine. So the last step in starting an affiliate marketing business for beginners is this: Start taking action based on what you just learned and see the magical results. 

Because there are a lot of people who learn these affiliate marketing strategies, but not everyone is successful in affiliate marketing. And that's great because "Success doesn't come from you. You're going to get it." 

This is the reason those who are successful in affiliate marketing are the ones who take action. So let me ask you a question, "Are you an action taker?" If your answer is yes. Then I have an awesome product for you where you can earn up to $ 450 / sale.

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