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Target Affiliate Program - Explained quickly and easily

Target Affiliate Program - Explained quickly and easily

Target Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketing plays an increasingly important role in online marketing. Big companies like Amazon do it on a large scale. The reasons for this are obvious: Through affiliate marketing, you as an entrepreneur will benefit from the recommendation of others. It does not require high start-up costs, so it offers an efficient way to acquire new customers on the Internet. In this post, you will find out everything you need to know about the targeted affiliate program

How does affiliate marketing work for businesses?

Affiliate marketing frightens many entrepreneurs at first. However, we'll show you how this type of marketing can easily generate significantly more leads, sales, and ultimately, customer growth.

Affiliate marketing originally comes from the United States. It is an internet-based collaboration between two parties: a company ("merchant") and one (or more) "affiliates". The affiliate earns money for the distribution of products, services, and offers of a company (merchant) on the Internet, i.e. Links to merchant pages. It works for example through a blog or a social media page. For this purpose, the merchant provides the affiliate with certain advertising materials (e.g. advertising banners, links, etc.). As soon as a customer clicks on these advertising banners or links, they are directed to the company's website. With the help of the figure below you can understand the steps of affiliate marketing and get a rough overview of how it works:

Affiliate Marketing - The 5 Steps In Affiliate Marketing, each advertising material contains an individual and unique "Affiliate ID". With this, the merchant always knows through which affiliate won which customer (or a certain action was performed) - and to whom he has to pay the corresponding commission.

How Much Does Affiliate Marketing Cost?

There is no general answer to the question of affiliate marketing costs because too many different factors play a role. A total of 3 types of costs can be distinguished:

  1. Fixed costs (one-time network fees, creation of advertising material, special costs, etc.)
  2. Maintenance costs (e.g. agency fees)
  3. costs related to success (e.g. affiliate commission).

Factors and costs to consider

Average sales value

What is the average sales value of the advertised product or service? What about the average purchase amount per customer?

How many competitors are there?

How many competitors are there in your market who are already doing affiliate marketing? This plays an important role because when there is a lot of competition, publishers usually have to be offered a higher commission in order to win them for your affiliate program. 

How is the partner program managed?

Will you oversee your partner program internally or will you commission an external marketing or advertising agency? In the latter case, there are obviously additional costs. An affiliate advertising agency usually requires an amount to be paid monthly, which depends on the success of the affiliate program.

What commission model is used?

There are various commission models in affiliate marketing: With "Pay per Click" (PPC Marketing), the commission is paid for each click on the advertising material, regardless of whether it is ultimately sold or not. This model is suitable, for example, when the main goal is to increase traffic. "Pay per lead" (PPL Marketing) refers to a commission model in which remuneration is paid for certain user actions. For example, for newsletter subscriptions. Another option is "Pay per Sale" (PPS Marketing), where commissions are paid for each purchase.

What advertising media are used?

Are the necessary means for advertising (eg banner marketing) ready-made or do they have to be created first? If the advertising material is first produced by an external agency, these costs must obviously also be included in the planning.

The 6 Most Effective Affiliate Marketing Tips

1. Set goals

As is often the case in life, maximum effort is useless if it is not clear whether the measures taken have paid off. For this reason, it is always worth setting goals. It is useful to define an overall goal, which in most cases represents a certain turnover or number of leads. This goal should be realistic but also motivating. The general objective has several sub-objectives. The following are suitable here:

First of all, you need to engage in an affiliate marketing strategy. Ask yourself: What do I want to achieve with my affiliate program? and then. act around the following objectives:

  • Increase your online store sales
  • Acquisition of new customers and customer growth
  • Generate more traffic and clicks (e.g. Facebook Leads Ads and qualified leads)
  • Increase in software / app / ebook downloads etc.
  • More qualified contact requests

Provide affiliates with sufficient information

You should actively involve your affiliates in online marketing measures and provide them with information. Many affiliates appreciate the tips that will help you align your marketing strategy. In the optimal case, only what fits you and your strategy will be communicated. You can support them, for example, via:

  • Current offers
  • the best seller
  • Times of the day when the target group is most active
  • Seasonal periods in which the product or range can be best sold

The exclusive news also means that contact with special affiliates is better maintained and they are more closely linked to the company in the long term.

Attend conferences and networking events

You should never keep your affiliate contacts by phone or email alone. A personal meeting with current or potential partners at events is very important for a close and productive relationship. In such events, creative and productive ideas are often born which often make the collaboration even more successful. Moreover, such events always offer the opportunity to exchange ideas with other traders. These often offer additional impulses that you can benefit from. A large affiliate network is worth its weight in gold.

Communicate with affiliates on an equal basis

If you want to create a win-win situation where both parties are satisfied, you should communicate with affiliates on an equal footing. Because only if there is trust in the merchant will the affiliate try to present the product in the best possible way. Many companies often forget this. That's why it's important to always take your partner's problems and concerns seriously. An honest and respectful relationship will later be reflected in sales.

You always have to pay attention to your numbers

A trusted affiliate network is important, but always keeps an eye on the numbers and not just be good-natured in a good relationship too. The reasons for constant monitoring are, for example:

  • Performance slump
  • Recognize black sheep and scammers
  • Recognize and promote an affiliate's potential
  • Identify tracking errors

The advantage of online marketing is that it can almost always be controlled by data. This is also the case with affiliate marketing. However, any affiliate partnership shouldn't be terminated immediately if the numbers get worse. First, you should look for the affiliate; often you can find the cause of the problem and a solution. Decide if there are fixed fees or if they depend on the sales value. Of course, the average sales value and the profit margin also play a decisive role. How much money can your affiliate marketers earn to still have a profitable business? After all, you want to make money in the end.

Create a unique affiliate program

There are many different partner programs for affiliates of different companies, some of which offer the same thing. This is why it is very important to clarify your unique strengths to affiliates and publishers. This way you can stand out from other merchants because when nearly identical products are offered, it is often difficult to differentiate yourself.

There are several ways you should try to convince publishers of your program. The ways would be, for example, higher commissions, material rewards with high sales, attractive advertising material, and good support.

The affiliate network needs a lot of attention and should not be seen only as a means to an end. With a lot of commitment, trust and sensitivity it is possible to build a good network

The 5 biggest benefits of affiliate marketing

Such a form of targeted word of mouth marketing offers many benefits for both merchants and intermediaries. Affiliates often put their viral reach, eg. gain leads via blog marketing or gain traffic via Google Ad Words. Businesses benefit from increased brand visibility and publisher reach. This gives you the ability to reach customers and generate leads that you wouldn't normally reach. They often only pay performance-based commissions. Affiliate marketing, therefore, offers a whole range of unique benefits.

1.Merchants get free ad space, so to speak, as there are no classic advertising costs. You only pay an affiliate commission when they've actually generated a certain number of clicks, leads, or sales. This makes affiliate marketing interesting for entrepreneurs and businesses who only have a limited budget for online marketing.

2.In principle, anyone can become your affiliate partner. No in-depth technical skills are required to create and publish a marketing banner or link. Creating an affiliate program is pretty straightforward. There are a large number of affiliate networks (e.g. ClickBank, ClickFunnel, etc.) which offer everyone the opportunity to start their own affiliate program quickly and easily.

3.Your products will be advertised in many ways and thus made accessible to a large group. The various ideas and impulses of affiliates can further enrich your marketing

4.With a precise selection of affiliates, you can target a specific target group. Dispersion losses can be minimized significantly and budgets are not wasted unnecessarily.

5.You can constantly monitor the success of the various affiliates and use successful affiliate strategies to promote the weaker ones.

You need to avoid these mistakes urgently!

As explained in detail, affiliate marketing offers a number of benefits. However, newbies, in particular, can make mistakes and thus waste potential and strong sales. We will show you which mistakes you can avoid right from the start. With simple tricks, you can avoid bad mistakes.

Never consider rejected affiliates again

Potential affiliates can develop further and be better considered for cooperation at a later time.

Ignore your competitors' affiliate commissions

Many traders try to keep the commission as low as possible in the beginning. However, it's best to take a look at the competitors. If they pay a lot more, no affiliates will be found, or at least no one who does quality work.

You pay the same compensation for all partners

Often new merchants pay all affiliates/publishers the same commissions. This is not necessary. As an entrepreneur, you can pay different publishers differently, e.g. Content publishers, coupon publishers, etc. Furthermore, it is advisable to pay better affiliates who generate particularly good sales. This motivates them to perform even better

You pay commissions for canceled orders

You don't have to pay any fees for canceled goods. If you do not generate any sales, the affiliate will also not be able to receive any commission. This is the benefit of affiliate marketing, it is often related to sales: no sales, no commissions!

You always use the same advertising material

It is not appropriate to constantly use the same advertising material. For example, if there are new product groups expanding the range, this should also be mentioned in the advertising material. Well-edited and updated advertising material are therefore very important to always win new customers.

Does affiliate marketing make sense to you too?

This way you can easily get started with affiliate marketing and increase your internet sales

Note: The affiliate marketing system doesn't make sense for every business. How can you find out if this type of marketing is right for you? Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is your product or service profitable enough to pay commissions and still make good profits?
  • Are there any competitors in your market who are already (successfully) pursuing affiliate marketing? (Warning: this depends on the situation and can be both an advantage and a disadvantage!) How high is your competitors' commission on the platforms? Can you keep up with that?
  • Does your offer or similar products play a role online? Have you already been searched and bought on the internet using pull marketing?
  • Are there online comparison portals that compare your products/services or similar offers?
  • Are there any thematically appropriate websites or blogs?
  • Do you do newsletter marketing? Are newsletter subscribers important to you?
  • Do you receive qualified online inquiries?
  • How do your customers reach your site - via mobile devices? Does your website have a good responsive design?
  • How important is your brand visibility to you?
  • Do you have an online fan base? Do you do social media marketing, for example on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram?
  • How much of your sales are generated online and how much offline?
  • How much is a qualified lead, request, customer growth, click, or sale worth to you?
  • How to find perfect affiliate partners

After clearing the above questions, it's time to design your individual affiliate program. Try to take the editor's point of view and put yourself in his shoes. Is your affiliate program really interesting enough? Would you participate as an affiliate? If not, it will also be difficult for your referrers to win customers for you on the internet.

You can also enlist the help of a marketing agency that specializes in affiliate marketing to develop your affiliate program.

The final hurdle to overcome is finding suitable affiliate partners with good reach. Depending on the industry, this can be time-consuming and rarely happens overnight. There are several ways to find suitable partners. You can search for yourself and actively approach suitable publishers or you can advertise your partner program on relevant sites, for example on Affilinet or Digistore24.

Ways to find affiliate partners:

Use affiliate networks like Affilinet, ClickBank, ClickFunnel, or Digistore24 and present your partner program. On Affilinet alone, there are over 3,500 advertisers and over 700,000 affiliates. However, this also means that you need to be competitive and offer attractive conditions.

Do you already have your own website, blog, or online store? Then you can also advertise your affiliate program there, for example in the footer or under the "Jobs" menu item on the website.

Promote your affiliate program in affiliate marketing groups on social media platforms. Especially recommended is XING, LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, or Twitter with the appropriate hashtags.

Attend conferences and affiliate events. The network is the magic word.

Research where the competition is promoting their affiliate programs. Maybe it makes sense to you too?

Register on various affiliate portals

Make sure your affiliate program can be found in affiliate search engines

Search for suitable affiliates yourself. Look for the top social media influencers in your market segment. Search for relevant blogs or YouTube channels and write directly to people.

Maintain relationships!

As soon as you have found suitable affiliates, you should further develop your relationship with the affiliates and try to bind them to you in the long term. Try to identify the most promising affiliates and continuously provide them with new information, changes, and tips. Actively make them part of your marketing efforts.

For example, inform them about current promotions and discounts, your top sellers, or the times of the day when your conversion rate is highest. Basically, the more commitment you show, the more comfortable your affiliate feels - and the more likely long-term success is. In the end, make sure that you pay attention to responsive design so that the link is also suitable for mobile devices

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