The first way that you can make money is Social Media.


So the first idea to make money as a teenage entrepreneur is your social media skills. A lot of older generations especially people in their 50s 60s 70s are not good with social media and are a little bit intimidated by it. 

So a big way you can make money is by helping those adults with their social media accounts. So a lot of them want to grow their accounts because they have a business or something they're selling or they want to be an influencer on a certain topic or they are a blogger and they just don't understand how to fully get there. 

So the way you'll make money is either you're going to teach them how to build their following on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, any of the other platforms or you're going to make money by managing it for them. 

People are making four, five, six, seven hundred dollars a month just with one account. Now you might not know someone in your actual group like your parent's friends or anyone that you personally know that you can sell this to. 

If that's the case, do not be discouraged about doing this because you can also join - let's say a website like Fiverr or Upwork. 

These are freelancing websites where you go. You sign up and people hire you based on what you say that you are able to do. Another way to get clients is to go around town and find things like local car washes, local restaurants, local businesses in general that do not have very good social media pages, do not have very good social-media followings, and definitely look like they need help. If I was 13, 14, 15 years old now, I could definitely be making at least $2,000 a month minimum doing just social media. 

The second way that you can make money is to Recycle

The second one requires very little effort but it doesn't pay off quite as much but you can do it as early as even 10 years old. And that is paid to recycle. Now if I was younger, what I would do is I would go around to different neighbors that my parents approve of - make sure your parents approve of them. 

And I would go and ask them "Can I collect your cans and bottles every week?" And you bring it from all these different houses to the actual recycling place and get paid for it. With this, you're being good to society and you're being good to the environment while also making anywhere between 50 and 200 dollars a month. 

There are only certain countries and certain states that will pay you for there recycling. You're gonna have to check online if you're one of the places that support this type of money-making activity. But if you're like "Hey, I do not like that idea. That is not for me." Well, that's alright! I got the third one. 

The third way that you can make money is from Fiverr

The third one is also in regards to Fiverr. You only need to be 13 to be on Fiverr. In order to get paid though, you do need your parental approval. There are plenty of things that you can sell on Fiverr that people pay money for. For example, if you're good at impersonating a celebrity voice, you can get paid for that there! 

So the things you can do is you can write blog posts for businesses or for individuals on there if you are a good writer. You can make different videos for people if you're good on camera and you can charge people not just five dollars but ten or 20 too. It just starts at five on the website.

The fourth way that you can make money is Petsitting

The fourth option is pet sitting -which seems obvious but I definitely wanted to write that into this article. So observe people in your neighborhood who have dogs or other animals and then ask your parents "Can I ask this house people if I can go and you know pet sit -pet sit their dog or take the dog on a walk?" 

And if you do get permission then all you got to do is walk up to them while they're outside and say "Hi! I am a pet sitter. My rates are $5 a day to walk your dog once a day but $10 if I do it twice." - or whatever your numbers are. You will be surprised how many people will say yes to this and do need this service. 

The fifth way that you can make money is Babysitting

The fifth one is quick and simple. Babysitting. Definitely ask your parents first if you can babysit whoever it is that you are looking to babysit. But I would highly suggest this because it's fast, it pays well, and it's great money.

The sixth way that you can make money is Doing Tasks

The sixth one is doing tasks. This will work especially well with people who are elderly or people with children. You can get paid to clean, to organize, to read to their kids, to play a game with their grandma. It's very similar to dog walking because it is very easy to get the word out through word of mouth once you get started. 

The seventh way that you can make money is Landscaping

The seventh one is Landscaping or snow shoveling depending on where you're located. This one is insanely easy to make money with because people are lazy. 

Many people don't want to do their lawn and they don't want to pay an expensive company to do it either. Obviously, with your parent's permission or they can come with you, you can go knock on doors or go through referrals if you guys have a lot of friends in the area and ask "Can I do your lawn?" - and you will be surprised how many people will say yes and be relieved you even asked. 

So make sure you have some way shape or form a way for them to contact you if they want it done again so that you guys can drum up repeat business. 

The Eighth way that you can make money is Reselling

Number eight is to resell things. This is something that I still sort of randomly do whenever I'm in between things that are making me money for cookie munchers. And it just makes money so fast and so easily that "Why not?!" There are two ways that you can resell things. 

The first way is to go to yard sales and other things like that. Buy used stuff and then resell it on eBay. The second way to do it is to go to things like the dollar store or stores that are having massive sales and resell it on eBay as well. 

The way you can tell if something is worth money - because you might be at the dollar store and say "Well Hey, is this stuff actually only worth a dollar to everybody?" Well, there are things that are worth more than that but the only way to tell us to go on eBay and make sure that on the left-hand side, the sold and completed items are both checked off because then you can see what already sold for what amount of money. 

So if you do not check off the sold and completed checkboxes, then when you type in the item, you're gonna see what people are currently listing them for but not necessarily what they're actually worth and what people are paying for them. 

So I went to a yard sale once and bought like a huge box of razors and it had like just alike brand-new in the packaging that this woman just didn't want. And I bought them for a dollar each and I was able to sell them for five dollars each on eBay. Tell me something else that you can 5 times your money that fast other than reselling things.

The ninth way that you can make money is from Blogging

Number nine is to start a blog now you might be saying "Hey, what am I going to blog about?" You can write about anything that is interest and popular that you personally care about. So you can write about the best toys that are coming out and review them or you can write about the best TV shows coming out or food or different recipes that you really like and that you think other people would want to make. 

If you aren't sure if your topic has an interest there is a way to find that out before you put all your time and effort into it. You're gonna download an extension on your browser called Keywords Everywhere. 

Anything you search on google, it will pop up how many searches that thing had this month. So then you put ads on your blog - different ads partners, affiliates, things like that. That will then end up monetizing the blog and making you money in return. 

The tenth way that you can make money is from YouTube

Number 10. You can start a YouTube channel. This is basically the same thing as starting a blog. The difference is that if you are bad at writing but really good at video, that's the option for you. You can make a channel about toys, about makeup, about DIY, and you can make a really decent amount of money doing so. 

The eleventh way that you can make money is Car Detailing

Number eleven is car detailing. Now this one is very underrated for how much people think they can actually make from it vs how much you can actually make from car detailing. it's crazy! I know someone who started a car detailing business now maybe two years ago or so and they have already bought themselves two brand new Mercedes in cash from the money that they made from their car detailing business. 

When they first started out, they did not have a location. They were just doing it by traveling to other people's spots. So like - you're like alright do you need your car detail where you're at work? I'll be there! I'll be in the parking lot detailing your car. They give you your keys back. Of course, this is another one you do need permission from your parents for. This one's very easy to start and very cheap to start but has a huge massive potential for growth. 

The twelfth way that you can make money is becoming Tutor

Number 12 to become a tutor. So now these days you can choose to do this in person or online. If you have somewhat of a network at all or you're willing to go around and pass out flyers and network with various teachers after school activities things like that and tell them about your service, then this can be very very successful in person. 

If you're good at piano, go and teach someone "I do piano." and you can make a good amount of money per hour. People charge all the way up to $20 an hour for various services depending on what you're good at.

The thirteenth way that you can make money is Face Painting

Number 13 is Face painting and costume characters. To start, all you gotta do is buy your set of face paints and have some sort of artistic talent. And also you need to have high-quality face pants that won't give people reactions on their faces. And I charge anywhere between $50 and $250 per party I showed up to for one hour! 

Your price, it based on how many kids are at the party. So if there are ten kids at the party, you might say it's only fifty bucks but if there are 20 kids, you might say it's 150 bucks. The way to get business for this is to do flyers, other things around town, also make a Facebook page and reach out to people in your local community. 

Another cool way to get business with that is to volunteer at different charity events that could use a face painter. You go there and make sure you have flyers with you to pass out to everyone who you give a free face paint to. So that when their birthday comes around, their parent can say "oh I remember this person" or you could get them to sign up for an email list and then later say I'm going to email you throughout the year. 

Email them and remind them you exist so that when their birthday comes along, they call you! You can expand to doing costume characters. For example, you go around like a princess or a SpongeBob and you run the party for 20 - 30 minutes and dance with the kids.

I know the way you can grow this business down the line is by once you have a little bit more money because you're gonna need to save up about two thousand dollars before you can expand it to this level is by getting bounce houses and other things for kids parties as well so that you become a one-stop-shop for the kid's party. 

This one can grow easily to a huge business. As I was saying, I think I was sixteen, fifteen something like that when I was doing this business and I was making a thousand dollars a weekend for just a few hours of my time. 

Another way to expand this is obviously getting employees down the line once you have enough customers. If you can't make all the parties on a weekend, you can split the commission with the employees that are going to the party. 

They go to one party, you go to another party - and then you're making a lot of money for a place that you weren't even at. They did it for you! but just because you got the clients you get half the income right there. 

The fourteenth way that you can make money is Bouncy House

Number 14 is very similar to face painting, you can just start the bouncy house business by itself. Investment to buy your original bouncy things, bouncy trampoline, bouncy house bring it to a party, blow it up, and that's it!  

photos credit: Google Images & Unsplash

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