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Lose Weight Without Exercise | Exercise Has Nothing To Do With Weight Loss

Lose Weight Without Exercise | Exercise Has Nothing To Do With Weight Loss

lose weight without exercise

We spend hundreds on the latest exercise trend. The truth is, it's not necessary for weight loss. Lose weight with the latest30-minute hit blaster. Shed off the pounds of your stomach with the newest full-body workout. You see this everywhere. 

The exercise industry rakes in millions of dollars introducing the latest exercise trend to convince you that you need exercise to lose weight. But this couldn't be further from the truth. 

Does everyone who goes to a gym every day lose weight and keep it off? No. How many people do you see at the gym pounding away at the treadmill and then go home and shove junk in their pie holes? Exercise for weight loss is one of the biggest lies out there.

Yes, exercise is good for you. But you don't need the latest exercise trend to lose weight. You can pound away at the treadmill for hours a day and still not see the results if your nutrition plan isn't on par. 

There are absolutely no amount of exercises you can do that will undo the damage of your crappy diet. I can promise you, I am a walking, living, breathing proof of this. I used to ride my road bike 300 miles a week. 

I was in the best shape ever. And yet I was the fattest that I had ever been looking around the gym. These heavy people are busting their butts four, five times a week, six days a week. They're doing it, they're doing it hard, they've got sweat all the way down to the bottom of their shirt. 

They're working out hard. So why are they not making progress? Because exercise does not work when it comes to getting the weight off. Think about it. If a pound of fat is 3,500 calories and I burn roughly 400 calories during a three-mile run, then I would have to do nine runs in order to lose a pound. 

That's ridiculous. You will blow out a knee before you actually make a dent in your weight loss. We have got to get this out of people's minds because they're being shamed into getting an unnecessary gym membership.

Look, I think that going to the gym, I love it, I do it. I think that exercise is an absolutely phenomenal, very, very necessary part of good health, overall good health. It needs to be a part of your life. 

But if you think for one second it's gonna help you with your weight, you are sadly mistaken. Get this out of your mind. Losing weight is 100% nutrition-related. 

What you need to do to lose weight is real food. I'm talking about meat, vegetables, nuts, egg, seeds, seafood, and fat. Along with a lot of water and a lot of sleep. People try to complicate this whole weight loss process by adding in the latest shake, the latest pill, the latest trend, and especially the latest fat exercise. 

Let me tell you something. It is not gonna work if you're not even sleeping. It doesn't matter how much you pound the pavement, it doesn't matter how many Zumba classes you go to, it doesn't matter how many miles you run, it doesn't matter how much you can deadlift at CrossFit. 

I am not impressed with that. What I am impressed with is, are you getting your sleep? Are you properly hydrated? Are you eating real food? That's gonna get you further along than the hours and hours and hours that you log at the gym. 

If you wanna get moving and need an exercise plan, keep it simple. Walk, run, bike, do yoga, and aim for full-body workouts. Long gone are the days where people slaved hours and hours in the gym. 

Oh, it's Monday, it's a back and bi day. Tuesday, it's chest and tris. And Wednesday it's shoulders and legs. And then, of course, Thursday is your abs and cardio. God, I used to be in that. I totally understand that the nature of that trap and the feeling that you had to slave away for hours at a gym. 

Do you know that I barely make it to the gym? I might get in three times a month. I might get in a run a day with Annabel. Exercise is so incredibly important but you don't need as much as you think. Don't forget that exercise is stress. 

So if you're not getting your sleep, then you're adding stress on an already very stressed out body. So pick which bridge you wanna die on. I would not slave away at a gym if you're cutting too low on your sleep. 

I'd be very careful about that. It's a good way to get yourself hurt and injured. So, remember that you need less than you think. Yes, you do need exercise, it is absolutely vital to good health, overall good health, but you don't need to kill yourself. You need to find an exercise that you like and that you consistently do every week. 

If you wanna keep believing a lie and spending unnecessary money on exercise programs, I can't help you. But if you wanna knock off the weight and keep it off by choosing a lifestyle that will sustain you for the rest of your life? 

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